What we do at Gement

Gement was founded with an aim to disrupt the construction industry and change the industry’s general perception to reflect its new values. The sector is slowly transitioning to a more sustainable, diverse employer, with career opportunities for people qualified in a wide range of disciplines. 

We work closely with many UK universities and industry stakeholders to promote career opportunities in the construction and building materials industries. Diversity and sustainability are crucial to our values. We promote opportunities for women and BAME people in construction. 

As part of our contribution to reducing the construction sector’s carbon footprint, we run special events around sustainable building, geopolymer cements, and other alkali-activated cementitious materials (AACM).

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Increased interest in careers in construction

Connecting construction with higher education & science

Our educational programmes connect higher educational institutions and construction centre companies and highlight career opportunities in the modern construction sector. Inclusion is a vital area, and we aim to help more women launch their careers in construction.

Our events focus on sustainable building and geopolymers as a stepping stone to decarbonising the construction industry. They bring together scientists, engineers, universities and construction companies to focus on sustainable building and geopolymers. 

Our Partners

Our Values


Our educational and events programmes highlight the growing opportunities for women and people from BAME backgrounds in the exciting and rewarding world of construction. 


From our geopolymer cement system to how we work, including our practice of using recycled materials or those from traceable responsible sources, underpin our commitment to a more sustainable future.


 At Gement, we work united as a community; respect, trust, honesty and integrity are the foundations of our work ethics. 

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