Gement Wins 6 Figure Deal in 3 Year Contract With the CITB


Gement has secured a 6 figure contract with the CITB, the Industry Training Board for the construction industry.  This 3-year spanning project, named Gement Connect aims to connect together People, Places and Communities (PPC) in order to tackle the growing skills shortage in the construction sector by catering to new and returning entrants to the industry.





Gement Connect, part of the England Construction Opportunities commission launched by CITB, will facilitate significant growth for the construction industry. The current skills shortage in the sector due to labour market changes, the Covid pandemic and mass retirements, has left the construction industry needing over a quarter of a million workers within the next four years to meet the growing demand. This presents a challenge for an industry that struggles to appeal to those outside of a very narrow demographic and therefore, a targeted effort is imperative to reach out to applicants who are unsure if there is a place in construction for them.


Research has shown that more support available to new entrants when entering into employment increases the likelihood of their retention. Gement Connect will work to support new or returning entrants in the construction industry with a specialised Gen Z approach to the sector. Designed to create sustained employment, this project will utilise employment support plans to provide structure and long-term support to entrants through a series of personalised services including mentoring, peer and buddy systems, coaching and 1-1 advice and guidance on upskilling, and moving up their career ladder.


The main project objectives of Gement Connect will be to:

  • Support individuals through this bespoke plan by assessing individual needs.
  • Encourage new entrants to upskill, stay motivated in their job and provide real long-lasting impact on their career path.
  • Improve employee satisfaction and gain more champions of the industry to show the general public that construction is simply not bricks and mortar, but a dynamic field expanding in innovation.


With a reported 83% of construction firms facing difficulties with recruiting staff, there are irrefutable benefits to be gained from employers joining this project. When considering the impacts of the skills shortage on firms, cost is a primary effect, particularly in construction. Repeated failures to recruit staff within a timeframe results in increased recruitment costs, higher project costs and costs accrued from inflated salaries to secure skills that are in short supply. Gement Connect will aid in reducing these costs for firms by not only supporting new and returning entrants, but keeping up with consistent accountability and feedback during and after the recruitment process which will assist firms in retaining staff for longer periods.


Rebecca Rickwood, Chief Executive of Gement, said: “I’m delighted we are able to continue working on our mission on an even larger scale over the coming years. I’m grateful that all of our hard work has been recognised and we plan to really zero in on our core values with this project to empower entrants into the industry, and the larger community.”


Gement Connect officially began on the 1st of September 2022 and interested employers, educational establishments, recruitment and support agencies are encouraged to get involved in this free-to-join initiative by contacting Gement at 020 8058 9712 or through email at


About Gement

Gement aims to help to increase talent in the construction industry through a series of not-for-profit educational programmes and specialist recruitment services. Gement works to connect people together, nurture raw talent, and bring wider public awareness to the construction industry. From our outset, we have been working to plug the skills gap in the U.K construction industry by diversifying and strengthening the talent pool.


About CITB

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is a sector skills council and industry training board for the construction industry, delivering a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce by encouraging employers of all sizes to access the skills training necessary to grow their businesses.

CITB is an arm’s-length body of the UK Government’s Department for Education and is paid for by a levy on the construction industry itself.

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