Women in the Field: Rachel Pulham

Our Woman in the Field interview series showcases inspiring women each month who work in the field – careers where the majority of work is done outside of the office. This month we had the opportunity to interview Rachel Pulham who works in the integrated metering and developer services also known as IMDS for short at Anglian water.

Gement: Where did your career begin and how did you get to where you are today?

Rachel: “Well my career started with Anglian water 7 months ago after 17 years working at Tesco. I was unsure of what I wanted to do and wasn’t really keen on office work and being at a desk all day, but definitely knew I wanted a change.”

Gement: What’s a typical work week for you?

Rachel: “I typically leave my home at 7 am and head out to my place of work on that day, which is great as I get to visit all the towns and villages I wouldn’t normally see if I were to work at a single place. I start my morning work quite intensively as I like to hit the ground running from early on in the day.”

Gement: What’s the best thing about your job?

Rachel: “My job is bonus related pay, so the more I achieve the more I get paid. I enjoy chatting to customers and also seeing new places.”

Credit: twitter.com/AnglianWater

Gement: What are some of the misconceptions about working in the field?

Rachel: “People think I have never used a screwdriver before but I actually have a van full of equipment that I use daily with no issues at all. Women are fully capable of working in any field!”

Gement: What advice would you give to young girls who are thinking about a career in the field?

Rachel: “It was a relief that when I started my new career as a 40 year old woman, I was accepted into the team, where we all worked as a single unit, in spite of the fact that all the other men were all younger than me. I would advise to not hold back and I encourage everyone to follow their ideas and dreams. Just try, you will surprise yourself!”

“… I encourage everyone to follow their ideas and dreams. Just try, you will surprise yourself!”

Gement: “Is there anyone you look up to personally or professionally? Who is your inspiration?”

Rachel: “Margaret Thatcher, she was the first female Prime Minister in a very male dominated world, love her or hate her she stood by her convictions. More currently, the Women’s England football squad, The Lionesses are absolutely rocking this world and bringing women’s sports up to date.”

Gement: “What are your hobbies outside of work?”

Rachel Pulham: “I like horse riding, playing badminton, reading a variety of books and long walks with my family.” 

Gement: “What do you think of Gement’s work to increase the diversity and number of women in the field?”

Rachel Pulham: “I think that it’s positive and everyone should be able to work in whatever career they wish without any prejudice or qualms, this is not a man’s world, it’s big enough for everybody.”

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