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Connecting the construction industry with education to  help build our workforce one step at a time.


Programmes designed to connect education and the construction sector.


Programmes designed to help under represented groups find careers in construction regardless of age or experience.


Bringing together scientists, engineers, and organisations interested in sustainable building.

Gement Linking Universities and Construction

Connecting construction with higher education & science

Our educational programmes connect higher educational institutions and construction centre companies and highlight career opportunities in the modern construction sector. Inclusion is a vital area, and we aim to help more women launch their careers in construction.

Our events focus on sustainable building and geopolymers as a stepping stone to decarbonising the construction industry. They bring together scientists, engineers, universities and construction companies to focus on sustainable building and geopolymers. 

“I didn’t know there was a place for me in the construction industry […] as a black woman I didn’t feel like I belonged in the industry until I learnt about Gement”.

– Joyce Adams, BSc Management, St Mary’s University

A Deeper Dive

At Gement, we have created Educational Programmes which connect the construction industry with higher educational institutions, independent scientific researchers, and scientific organisations. Our programmes are designed to raise awareness of career opportunities in the construction sector. 

For students who have not taken a higher education course in construction, the industry is somewhat a mystery. On the surface, it appears to be a male-dominated impenetrable workplace where most people wear hard hats. Generally, people have only a  limited knowledge of what the industry does and the available roles. 

If the industry is to plug its current skills gap, it must get the message across to young people currently planning their future career that a wide range of rewarding well-paid jobs is available. While there are many roles in the industry for people educated in traditional construction and engineering subjects, there are also multiple opportunities for people specialised in non-scientific disciplines. 

Our educational programmes are available to a wide range of students who want to experience the world of construction and learn about the available opportunities. We are partner with over 25 universities supporting above 500,000 students.

Throughout the year, we also run special workshops and conferences around sustainable building, geopolymer cements and other AACM’s. 

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We work with all educational institutions throughout the UK, and we partner with organisations in construction, architecture and building materials.