Gement Recruitment: Why We’re Different

Are you currently hiring new staff, but are doubtful about working with a recruitment agency? A somewhat negative stigma exists, and not necessarily without reason. You might have heard some horror stories from colleagues, or you may very well have had a bad experience with a recruiter in the past.

At Gement, we recognise that we operate within a sea of companies that don’t always provide the best service, and we want to make a conscious effort to address this and show how we are different to the stereotypical recruiter that you might be wary of. Read on to see our honest take on why Gement is distinct.


Attention to Detail

We’ll be sure to thoroughly consider any job descriptions that you send over to us, so we know exactly what the role is that we are being tasked to fill, and exactly the type of candidates that you’re looking for. Our specialist recruiters always ensure to filter through all potential candidates so that we only ever send you candidates that are of genuine interest to you. We’ll never send you anything that you won’t be interested in seeing. You certainly won’t have your email inbox swamped by irrelevant CVs. In essence:  If they don’t meet the criteria that you set, you won’t see them.

What’s more, we never misrepresent any candidates. Misrepresentation in the recruitment process only leads to a breakdown in trust and communication, and it isn’t good for anybody. We always accurately represent candidates’ capabilities and past experiences so that you get a full interpretation of the people you could be hiring.


“Misrepresentation in the recruitment process only leads to a breakdown in trust and communication, and it isn’t good for anybody.”


Our attention to detail also applies to the way that we look at candidates. We notice the discrepancies; we notice the contradictions; we notice the red flags. If there’s anything on a CV or an application that requires questioning, we’ll always endeavour to contact a candidate and clarify anything that isn’t immediately evident. You won’t need to ask why a candidate has been out of work for the last year and a half because we’ll let you know when we submit their CV in the first place.


First Class Communication

We’re friendly, we’re responsive, and we’re very easy to work with. You’ll have our phone numbers and email addresses, so our recruiters are completely accessible to you. If you want weekly check-ins, we’ll check in with you weekly. If you want updates every couple of days, we can make that happen too. We know that recruitment can be a frustrating process that you want done quickly, and we’re here to facilitate that. 

We will always keep you informed as to our efforts, whether we have suitable candidates to show for it or not. If we haven’t managed to find the right person for you, we won’t just drop off the radar until we do. Instead, we’ll let you know how we’re getting on and try to come up with some collaborative ways that we can enhance our search. 




Investing Profits Into Improving The Construction Industry

We run a series of educational programmes designed to introduce the construction industry and the careers it has to offer to a diverse group of people, with the aim to bolster and diversify the industry’s workforce with fresh talent. From our company’s outset, we have believed in the importance of inclusivity and diversity, and have been working to promote these values in construction. 

We deliver hour-long introductory workshops and day-in-industry experiences for students from a range of educational institutions across the UK. Our partners provide an overview of their place in the industry, facilitate Q&A sessions, and present the range of employment opportunities that they and similar companies can offer. These sessions have a proven record of increasing interest in the industry – following participation in our programmes, we have seen an increase of 128% in those applying for construction industry vacancies – and we have used our expertise in talent acquisition to turn that interest into real working experience.

Fun fact! Our recruitment services grew out of the demand of attendees from our educational programmes wanting to get into construction jobs.


The Bottom Line

Gement is much more than a recruitment agency. We’re a team of people who are passionate about delivering the service that we want to provide. From our outset, we have been working to diversify and strengthen the UK’s construction industry with fresh, diverse, enthusiastic talent, and our recruitment services are a key part of that overall mission statement.

We know what recruiters can do badly, and we ensure to operate well above the standard that you might expect. Our attention to detail is paramount, our communication is excellent, and our company’s wider mission and activities demonstrate our commitment to the industry in which we operate. 

Contact us today at to see how we can help you with your hiring needs. 



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