5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Through a Recruitment Agency

Everyone knows how stressful it can be when recruiting for a new hire. Recruiting creates an additional workload on top of day-to-day duties and it demands entirely unnecessary pressure on your team. So why not ease that pressure with help from a recruitment agency?

Having a specialist recruitment company on board is the easiest, most efficient, and least expensive way to find your next best hire.

We have summarised what we think are the top 5 reasons why you should make your next hire through a recruitment agency.

1. A recruitment agency will save you time (and money)!

As we all know, “time is money” – so why not apply this to recruiting?

Recruitment agencies can handle any number of stages of the hiring process, from the sifting through of hundreds of CVs to the arranging of interviews. You can avoid all of that time-consuming clerical work, leaving it to people who know how to do it in the most efficient way. Meanwhile, you can focus on your other operational needs!

Also, it’s worth noting that agency fees will likely amount to much less than the salaries of an in-house recruitment team. Outsourcing your recruitment needs doesn’t just relieve the pressure of having to do the work yourselves, it can also be a more cost-effective way of hiring!

2. You’ll only see the most qualified candidates.

Recruitment agencies specialise in putting only the most suitable candidates on your desk.

They spend a significant amount of time researching their industry’s needs and market gaps, and know exactly what to look for in the perfect candidates for you. On the flip-side, recruiters will notice red-flags in candidates that you might not, ensuring that you avoid the costly mistake of hiring someone inexperienced or otherwise problematic.

3. Recruiters can negotiate salaries better than anyone else.

Professional recruitment specialists are acutely aware of the typical salaries and benefits that will accompany certain positions. They know what your competitors are willing to pay and what candidates will expect. This knowledge prevents the need for you to research what kind of salaries you should be offering, and allows the agency to negotiate effectively on your behalf.

4. Recruitment agencies can offer you fresh insight into your industry.

Recruiters can be generalists, or they can specialise in a particular industry.

At Gement, we specialise in recruiting for the construction industry, which means we can provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge and insight relating to construction job markets, employment trends, and employee expectations. And these are only a few examples; there are many more valuable industry insights that your company could be missing out on. A specialist recruitment agency will ensure that you’re fully informed!

5. Recruiting for temporary positions is a walk in the park!

Sometimes it is only necessary to hire a candidate for a set period of time – perhaps for work on a particular project, or to aid you at the busiest times of your operational year. Typically, you’ll need these temporary workers quickly and often at short-notice. Well, recruitment agencies are the perfect organisations to help you with that! They’ll usually have an extensive catalogue of workers from which they can source your temporary employees in the blink of an eye. There’s really no need to wait around whilst your team scrambles to find workers for that big project you’ve just bagged – recruitment agencies can get you the workers you need, as soon as you need them.

To hire through Gement please email enquires@gement.co.uk to speak with one of our recruitment consultants.

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